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About Us

Mike Foley, Founder of AutoEd Australia and creator of various driver safety and education programs including the "Road Hero" online short course has had a long history in the Automotive industry. 

Mike is a trade qualified, mechanical technician with over 15 years experience as an automotive technician in service, diagnosis and repair. He has built two seperate successful mechanical businesses both of which are operational today. He was nominated for channel 7's young achiever of the year awards in 2017 and was a semi finalist in the business sector.   

Mike still had a deep down, desire to teach so completed his training and assessment certification at night college and began teaching mature aged students at a local technical college Cert 3 and Cert 4 in light vehicle mechanics for aspiring mechanics. 

Over the following years, with the help of a team of trade qualified mechanics, auto electricians, trainers and assessors and in conjunction with teachers of Education QLD and various road safety campaigns, Mike created a first of its kind, online, short course program, for all drivers, to equip them with a skillset and required information to increase knowledge and safety on Australian roads. 

Mike says, "It is just so great, through this course, we are able to prevent vehicle breakdowns and prepare drivers if they do find them selves in a breakdown situation. We are able to teach them all the basics like correctly changing spare tyres, carry out safety checks and best of all, we have reduced road accidents and road toll... We are super blessed to have this super helpful, interactive program out there now for everyone to benefit from." 

Now having thousands of students, Australia wide in public and private schools, businesses and the retail sector completed the program and partnering with major companies including Coast Wide Driving School and MIT, Mike is confident of a new, safer generation of drivers for the years to come!  

Social proof: testimonials

“My daughter can now change a tyre, jump start a car safely, check fluid levels, prevent a breakdown and more. My child is now a safer and well equipped driver thanks to AutoEd”

Sam, Single MumSam, Single Mum

“Since completing the Autoed course, I've found I have so much more confidence within myself! I feel accomplished, empowered and independent. I no longer struggle when dealing with mechanics, auto salesmen and other professionals within the car industry. This course and the information provided have been invaluable and I can't wait to teach my daughter everything I now know once she is older!”

Beth, Single MumBeth, Single Mum

“I didn't realise how much I didn't actually know until I did the Road Hero Course! The course content is really thorough, but not so detailed that it went over my head. I feel much more confident with this extra knowledge!”

Tamar, 41 year old mumTamar, 41 year old mum