The online vehicle maintenance course that every driver, should complete...

We believe that no driver should feel vulnerable out on the road. This online vehicle safety course has been designed to create self-reliance and empowerment for Australian drivers. To create a safer, new generation of drivers for the years to come. We’ll use key points in both theoretical and practical to achieve this. Nice easy skills for you to learn to best prepare you for our Australian roads.

Learn how to keep your car road-ready

Prevent and minimise break downs by learning knowledge and required skills to keep your car at an ultimate level of safety with "The Road Hero" Online Vehicle Maintenance Course
Learn how to keep your car road-ready

Learn how to check and adjust fluids and tips and tricks of the trade to prevent a breakdown!

We'll give you the knowledge to keep your car running smoothly, free of breakdowns and costly repairs. We will keep you safe with this Online vehicle safety course.
Learn how to check and adjust fluids and tips and tricks of the trade to prevent a breakdown!

Learn what to do in a break down situation

We'll teach you essential skills to get your car up and running again such as safely changing a tyre or brake light and jump starting a car.
Learn what to do in a break down situation

Learn how to SURVIVE on our roads! Extras Units Added, March 2020

Learn how to reduce road toll with sections covering the - Fatal 5 - And don't become a statistic!

We will teach you the FACTS about the leading causes of accidents and how to best prepare and prevent you from becoming a statistic!
Learn how to SURVIVE on our roads! Extras Units Added, March 2020

What's Included?

  • Videos & Quizzes

    From getting under the bonnet, to changing tyres, to jump starting a car - you'll gain access to professional videos that will show you all you need to know to look after your car.

  • Printable PDFs

    Worried about remembering everything you learn in the course? Not to worry! We'll provide you with printable PDFs that summarise all the important information.

  • 12 Months Access

    Buying the course gets you 12 months of access to the course. So if you want to complete two modules and come back later, you can!

Course curriculum

EXTRA SECTION! Reducing Road toll - Fatal 5 - NOW INCLUDED!

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Introduction to the Course
    • Indemnity, Waiver and Release Interpretation
  • 2
    Safety Briefing
    • High-level lesson
    • Test your learning
    • Safety Briefing Read Through
  • 3
  • 4
    Under the Bonnet
    • Under the Bonnet
    • Test Your Learning
    • Under the Bonnet Printable
  • 5
    • Batteries
    • Batteries Printable
  • 6
    • Tyres
    • Test Your Learning
    • Tyres Printable
  • 7
    Breakdown Prevention
    • Breakdown Prevention
    • Vehicle Before You Travel Checklist Printable
  • 8
    Breakdown Control
    • Changing a Flat Tire
    • Changing a Brake Light
    • Jump Starting a Car
    • Breakdown Control Printable
  • 9
    Reducing Road Toll and Accidents
    • Speeding, Seatbelts, and Fatigue FREE PREVIEW
    • Speeding Printable
    • Seatbelts Printable
    • Fatigue Printable
    • Drink and Drug Driving
    • Drink Driving Printable
    • Drug Driving Printable
    • Mobile Phones and Distractions
    • Mobile Phones and Distractions Printable
  • 10
    The End of the Course
    • The End of the Course
    • A Quick Survey

Your Instructor

  • Mike Foley

    Mike Foley

    Experienced Mechanic & Educator

    Mike Foley is the founder of AutoEd and is passionate about passing on crucial knowledge and skills to young drivers on our Australian roads. He is well known for his friendly and easy to understand teaching style.

    Mike is a trade qualified mechanic with a background in training and assessing mechanics in certificate 3 and 4 light automotive mechanical technology. In 2013, Mike founded and ran a successful mixed mobile and workshop based mechanical business in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

    Living with his family at the Sunshine Coast, Australia, Mike is also a keen surfer.

What People Are Saying

“My daughter can now change a tyre, jump start a car safely, check fluid levels, prevent a breakdown and more. My child is now a safer and well equipped driver thanks to AutoEd”

Sam, Single MumSam, Single Mum

“Since completing the Autoed course, I've found I have so much more confidence within myself! I feel accomplished, empowered and independent. I no longer struggle when dealing with mechanics, auto salesmen and other professionals within the car industry. This course and the information provided have been invaluable and I can't wait to teach my daughter everything I now know once she is older!”

Beth, Single MumBeth, Single Mum

“I didn't realise how much I didn't actually know until I did the Road Hero Course! The course content is really thorough, but not so detailed that it went over my head. I feel much more confident with this extra knowledge!”

Tamar, 41 year old mumTamar, 41 year old mum